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Engage in the world of org psych… How can I make my work life better? Why do I hate my job? Why does my boss act like a fool? How can I motivate my staff when they are working from home? How can I help to make the world a better place? Explore the mysteries of the workplace and find new ideas to try for yourself.

These blogs come from org psych research papers but ideas are created through conversation and the leaves keep growing the more we talk. So please see them as simply the first step in generating new ideas – they are not meant to be the final word. I would love to hear your thoughts on them and if you would like to collaborate, either as a fellow academic or as a participative organisation, then please get in touch.

Want to think about how coronavirus is affecting work? You might be interested in these blogs talking about uncertainty and guilt.

Want to think about how other aspects of coronavirus? You might be interested in this blog on how the UK government is handling coronavirus by thinking of it as a high reliability organisation.

Want to think about other workplace issues such as innovation, sustainability, leadership, well-being, and so on? You might want to check out the Workplace FAQs.

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